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Redotex diet pill buy 3 bottles

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Redotex diet pill

Redotex diet pill is a fat burning a dietary pill containing stimulants. The stimulants in this supplement are used to increase the body’s metabolic rate, encourage weight loss and manage nervous tolerance.

Ingredients include:

    1. Norpseudoephedrine
    2. Aloin
    3. Tri-iodothyronine
    4. Diazepam

The manufacturers claim that the product will help the individual lose over 6 pounds of fats in one week – which seems incredible, but it’s just a claim.

Redotex diet pillIngredients

Redotex claims to contain the basic ingredients the body needs to burn excess fat, so we had to get right into the research behind them – especially when we’re reading more negative buzz surrounding this product than anything else.

Norpseudoephedrine (d-norpseudoephedrine HCl)

This anorectic agent (also known as cathine) is taken as an appetite suppressant. This psycho-stimulant drug of the amphetamine family is a “Schedule III drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In the United States, it is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance.”


Aloin, or barbaloin, is a bitter substance from an aloe plant.


This is a hormone made from the thyroid gland but is found naturally in seafood, bread and table salt, states OncoImmunology. 

Redotex Claims

As far as claims go, losing 6 pounds of fat in a week takes the cake. Some other claims include:

  • Diuretic
  • Weight loss
  • Body detoxification
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Powerful appetite suppressant
  • Fat burning

How to Take redotex diet pill

There are no specific dosages incited on the label of the Redotex pill and barely any information from the manufacturer. Among the list of unanswered questions surrounding this supplement – dosage is at the top.

Where to Buy Redotex Dietary Supplements?

Nowhere online (or in stores) in the US claims to have this product in stock. The same applies to most other countries since the product is banned.

Some Chinese websites sell the supplement in the same way – but purchase at your own risk.

Also, none these websites are in any way related to the manufacturer’s website, which just adds to the already lengthy list of red flags.

Redotex Potential Side Effects

Since even harmless supplements have a chance to deliver unwanted side effects, we felt this product warranted a closer look. Some of the more common side effects redotex diet pill are:

    1. Dependency
    2. Nervousness
    3. Restlessness
    4. Weariness
    5. Dry mouth
    6. Vomiting
    7. Constipation
    8. Diarrhea
    9. Fluid retention

Redotex Alternatives

So, trying to lose weight with anorectic drugs like Redotex is more like a dangerous gamble – you could end up losing more than you bargained for.

Cinnamon Tea

This product is a natural thermogenic slimming tea. It does not just burn excess fats but also purifies the body from toxic materials.


  • Purifies from toxins
  • Gives a satisfying appetite
  • Burns excess fat from the body

How Redotex works to lose weight

Some people have damaged the center of satiety in the brain. The Redotex medication is responsible for fixing it. Its first component is D-norpseudoephedrine that increases the action of Carnitine and decreases appetite.

The second component is triiodothyronine. A hormone that decreases in patients who gain weight from having hypothyroidism. Before starting to take it, it is advisable to use this Hypothyroid Calculator to know who needs it. Taking thyroid hormones without suffering from hypothyroidism is neither useful nor dangerous, the origin of these hormones is simply replaced.


5 bottles ( 150pills), 10 botlles(300pills), 20 bottles(600pills), 50 bottle (1500 pills)

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